Escola Decroly de Barcelona - English in Valérie Decordes!


Welcome to English in Valérie!
In our lessons, we usually listen to songs to introduce the new vocabulary. We like music a lot and many of us are already starting to use the new words and phrases. Then we play games or we read a story, paying attention to the pictures and trying to guess the end.

English in infantil
During the first term we read many of Eric Carle’s books. One of our favourites is “Mister Seahorse”, a beautiful story with which we learnt that, for some animals, it is the father who is in charge of carrying the eggs and taking care of them until they hatch. This was a big surprise for some of us!
Another one of our favourite books is “Draw me a star”. We liked it so much that we decided to make our own composition, just like the ones in the book. Each one of us decided which part of the painting they would like to draw: some chose to draw birds, a rainbow, trees, the sun, clouds, flowers... And we drew and coloured them in groups.
The week after we read the book again and decided together where to stick our drawings: it was decided that the rainbow should be in the sky with the clouds and the rain, the trees should be on the ground with the house and the grass, etc. In the end, we made an amazing composition which we have been using to practise all the new words we learnt!
Now that the second term has started we are ready to continue playing, singing and learning new games, songs and vocabulary!
17 de gener 2020