Escola Decroly de Barcelona - Matisse stop-motion video


The Sant Francesc students have created a stop-motion video of a Matisse painting! It all started when they discovered the technique of stop-motion. Some remembered they had already used it the year before and were really looking forward to using it again. But what could we use it with? Some suggested using objects, others said it would be nice to use plasticine, others wanted to draw… there were lots of ideas! As you know, this year we are working on Matisse, so in the end we decided to put together one of his paintings. We looked for ideas on the internet and found two that we liked (one for each group) and got started. First we printed the paintings and looked at them closely. How could we divide the work? Someone realized that they were made of many little parts put together, so we decided to split them. In small groups, we drew all the parts of the paintings and coloured them.
Then we took the ipads and the real work began! It was fun but it wasn’t as easy as it looked! We had to hold the ipad very still and move the parts very slowly so it would look real. When we were satisfied with the results, we added the titles, the music, the credits and… voilà! Here are the two videos, we hope you enjoy them!

21 de març 2018