Escola Decroly de Barcelona - Surprise suitcase in Pau Vila


We had a surprise in Pau Vila: Miss Anna came in with a big pink suitcase! What was inside?
We quickly made a circle and started guessing. Dídac’s first guess was: “A tiger!!” so Álvaro and Pau went to listen. “No noise!” “It doesn’t move!” So it couldn’t be a tiger…
Then Edu said he thought there were clothes inside. Ignasi said clothes were light so if there were clothes the suitcase would be light. Mariona and Max tried lifting it but they couldn’t agree: Max said the suitcase was “heavy” but Mariona said it was “light”... that was strange!
Then we had an idea. What if we put our hand inside? Thelma tried and said she could feel there was something “hard”.
At this point we had lots of theories and we decided it was time to open the suitcase.

There were books inside! Lots and lots and lots of books in English!! Quickly, all the children took a book. Some preferred reading it alone, some in small groups. “They’re in English!” someone said.
The giant books were the most successful and soon someone asked Miss Anna if she could read out loud.
We had so much fun and were very happy to know that this giant book suitcase will stay with us until the end of the school year!!
29 de gener 2018