Escola Decroly de Barcelona - Women who made history


It all started last year, when the boys and girls who are now in Ermitage were in Millet. Mariona brought two picture books to the English class which had one thing in common: both were stories of women who had done important things. We then realised that we did not know many scientists, artists or inventors who were women. We decided we wanted to change that and get to know women who had made history.
Poppy brought a couple of books which talked about more women and that, together with some playing cards Miss Anna had, led us to discover many more names. After agreeing on what information we should find out on every woman, each pair chose a woman and set to investigate using ipads and books.
After a few weeks we presented our conferences to the class. As usual, each pair found an original way to present their research: many made posters, some used games, others used music…

One of the women we learnt about was Amelia Earhart, a famous aviator who disappeared in the Pacific Ocean in 1947. At the time it was thought that she had crashed her plane, but new discoveries have been made recently. At the moment, we are very busy trying to find out what happened to her…what class doesn’t love a good mystery!
13 de desembre 2019